End of Story

This is the end of the story. Today’s email brought good news from the camera’s owner that it had arrived: Today I received the camera! It is such a pleasure to look at… Continue reading

Take the Postal Way Home

From the post office in Middlebury Vermont, I said goodbye to the Casio camera and mailed it to its owners in Germany. I hope it has a safe an uneventful trip, and soon… Continue reading

The Phone Works

A few weeks ago, I called the Cruise America office I had identified in one of the family’s photos; Brian was very helpful, but told me that the license plates was not unique… Continue reading

The Internet Fails

Alas, my grand experiment to use the power of networks and connections failed to locate the German family who lost this camera on the Go train in Toronto. Oh yes, there are but… Continue reading

  • How Long Will It Take?

    'Til We Find The Camera OwnerOctober 15th, 2012
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