What We Know

A summary of what we know about the family that lost the camera – any links to known info in my blog posts or comments are marked with (*). See also the map of known stops for the camera.

  • We guess this family are Mom, Dad, Two sons (one may attend school in Chicago, the other has a girl friend), and two daughters.
  • One daughter may be named Insa
  • From the camera time stamps their home time zone appears to be GMT +1
  • From the photo may live near or have visited Juist, a German Island. (*)
  • The family are likely Germany (from the passport cover spotted in the airport photo)
  • They likely started their travel at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, with a changover in Dublin. Gunsn has pretty much worked out the itinerary being on Aer Lingus flight EIN603 into Chicago, even pegging Dad’s seat as 20D (*)
  • In Chicago, they visited Millenium Park (*), the Art Institute of Chicago (*), the top of the Willis Tower (*) and maybe the John Hancock Tower, saw a Chicago White Sox baseball game (*) sitting in It’s row 30 of maybe section 113 or 114 (*), shopped at Water Tower Place. It looks like they stayed at a hotel on the Chicaog Rover Walk (Whacker Drive), and likely at a meal at GP Anton’s (*), Rosebuds on Rush (*), and some sort of Benihana type restaurant.
  • They rented an RV from CruiseAmerican in Chicago (*) and yes I KNOW I can call the company and send my contact info to the family. That’s what I will do if the internet is snot smart enought to help me. This is a test of social connectivity.
  • They camped in Brenden Indiana (*)
  • In Chcago they visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (*), walked around downtown, saw the Cleveland Browns stadium, and the Port of Cleveland. I am guessing they camped near cleveland since the driv time to the Canadian border is 3 hours, and the time difference between the last photo camping and the border crossing was six hours (Another photo i between inside the RV was taken about 2 hours away from the border)
  • In ONtario, they visited Niagara Falls, and did the Maid in the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls, Whitewater Walk, Niagara’s Fury and rode the WEGO bus system (*). They visited Niagara on the Lake (*), and likely Fort Erie.
  • They may have camped east of downtown Toronto, and took the GO Train from the Rouge Hill station (*) to Union Station, where they left the camera by accident on the upper deck of the GO Train. It was found in the mid Afternoon by my friends on August 13, 2012.