The Internet Fails

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo by cjdaniel_:

Alas, my grand experiment to use the power of networks and connections failed to locate the German family who lost this camera on the Go train in Toronto. Oh yes, there are but six degrees of separation between people yet does that mean we can rely on that?

My plan was to let this site stay open for 2 weeks, which previously contained about 12 photos found on the camera, information I had gleaned from it as to where this family traveled. The site got over 7000 views, and I had matbe 30-40 retweets in twitter. A few readers managed to work out the details to identify the families itineray on the flight over based on the photos of planes/airports and date stamps on the phone. A town pictured early in the role was spotted as Juist and there was some conjecture it was the families home town.

But contact was not made, so I am going to the method that should prove to be more reliable– The family had rented an RV in Chicago

from Cruise America on Mannheim Rd in Chicago– this was easily located by searching on Google Maps the sign for the adjacent business, Mannheim Automotive and Brakes, found on here – Cruise America is adjacent on the map.

On another photo (not in the set posted on line) was the license plate of the RV. So it is a matter of calling Cruise America, giving this info and the dates of the photos, and asking them to send my contact information to the people who rented the van.

The point is to return the camera, and more importantly the photos. I apologize in advanced for taking this long (the camera was lost in August), but my current travel got in the way, and I was determined to test my personal network.


There goes my book deal.

UPDATE: 10/24/2012 I called the Cruise America office and to all you smarty pants, a license plate alone is not enough to identify the vehicle rented; he needed an ID number from the back of the vehicle which never appears in the photos. He is checking the records for rentals that day (at least 3 went out) and will try and pass on my contact info.

UPDATE: 10/31/2012 Got a phone call from the likely owner – check out the story