The Phone Works

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by cogdogblog:

A few weeks ago, I called the Cruise America office I had identified in one of the family’s photos; Brian was very helpful, but told me that the license plates was not unique enough information (so, do they shuffle the plates around), that what would have helped is a vehicle ID number from the back of the RV. However there were none in the photos.

I told him the date the RV was rented (based on the time/date stamp on the photo) and that the family was German.

He said, “We rent to a lot of German customers.”

But he took my contact information and said he would try to pass it on to the people that rented that vehicle.

I got a voicemail today from a woman in Germany who said Cruise America had contacted her, and she provided me an email address. I think they may have misspelled mine because she said her message to me came back.

I just emailed her and hopefully I will have an address soon that I can mail the camera.

I did ask her to confirm by a small test, I included 3 family photos, only one of which came from the camera, and asked her to identify which photo is theirs.

Alas, the email address I tried also bounced! I listened carefully again, and tried a few variations, and failed 2 more times. Then I replied to her phone number with a text message. No response. The next day I listened carefully again and realized that when she said “b” it sounded like “d” – on my most recent attempt the email went out without returning.

So hopefully in a few days, I can mail this camera to Germany, and close this case.

Internet, you let me down.

UPDATE Nov 1, 2012: I have been emailed by the woman who last the camera, and I shall be mailing it tomorrow. From her message:

This day was horrible for me, I thought the photos were lost. I was so deeply sad because it was a family journey with all the grown up children and the occasion was our silver wedding. Maybe you can imagine how happy I am to get the photos back.

As someone who jas lost photos and never found them, yes I can.